Privacy and confidentiality policy:
Whatever communication conveyed through the Web of Molly’s Dreams SL is strictly confidential; although the electronic addresses and their content can be kept, your information will not be shared with any external source.

Legislation: This Web is managed by Molly’s Dream SL, legally established in Principality of Andorra. MOLLY'S DREAM, S.L C/Pau casals,8 Ed.Cornella 2-5è 1a AD500 Andorra la vella NRT :L-710692-T.The terms and conditions of usage of this Web are protected under the laws that rule in Andorra

Financing and advertising: This Web neither receives nor has any financing from advertising.

The access to the Molly’s Dream SL website is free of charge, without detriment that the acquisition of some products and services or, if needed, contents that this company offers being subjected to the settled prices of the private conditions of each person. 

The User compromises and guarantees to use the websiteaccording to the points established in these terms, either what is according to the applicable normative, or what makes reference to the moral and good habits. 
In this way, the User compromises himself to : 

a) Not to use any service, *products and/or contents that Molly’ Dream SL put at his disposal, for means or illegal purposes, or expressly forbidden  regarding the terms or acts that may weaken or harm rights, interests or assets of Molly’s Dream SL as well as third parties.
b) Refrain from carry out any activity that migth harm, overload, damage or prevent the normal activity of the Molly’s Dream SL website, as well as obtain the contents of the website by illegal means, fraudulents, theft or plagiarism of the same, according to the terms established.
c) Do not use in an illegal way the products, services and /or contents or what might be a loss for Molly’s Dream SL. For that, the User has to refrain himself at a non-limited tittle, of changing, copying, distributing, publish, give and/or sale any information or aspect concerning the products, services and/or contents, disposed by Molly’s Dream SL through its website.
In case that the User would cause harm to third parties, using any products, service, content and/or tool available at the website, or by using improperly, the User expressly exempts  Molly’s Dream SL from any responsability that might be attributed
For this, the User will assume full responsability that might arise from the situation described in the former paragraph.
Molly’s Dream SL, in order to assure the rights in compliance of these terms and the respect to the legislation in effect, might :
a) Proceed to the supervision of this service through their administrators, respecting, anyhow, the secrecy of the communications and the intimacy of the User.
b) Interrupt temporarily the service without advance notice and at anytime for technological or legal reasons that will be conveniently motivated at the website.
c) Modify the terms of providing the products, services, contens and/or tools, if so, we advise technical reasons or per application of new legal terms.
d) Modify the content of products, and /or services that are a part of the website content, without the need of advance notice, if it is for reasons of their activity or considered convenient. Even so, the right is reserved not to grant access to the services, products and/or tools, without advance notice, to any User that may go againts the mentioned terms.
i) Suppress or extract of the different services, products and/or contents offer through the webpage, all the information that might be illegal or simply offensive.
f) Communicate to the competent authorities so that may act according to their competencies, the behaviours, activities or data presumably illegal of which Molly’s Dream SL may have knowledgement.